Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Time Out - Burn Em. Look Good Instead. USC & UCLA game

This story of the USC and UCLA football game is interesting and speaks volumes on a number of levels.

Looking good is a LA tradition.

Being a good sport with your cross town rival -- making the game fair -- is a great move as well from the Bruins.

Personally, I loved UCLA as a kid. I think of John Wooden -- the W of Westwood. But the strongest feelings I get are swimming - and Tom Jager and his great coach. Those Wikipedia pages are sorta light.

Then UCLA cut its men's swim team.

Go USC Go.

For those that don't know about the football game, 1:30 pm California time on Saturday, USC's coach said he wanted to have USC wear its home jersey. The game is in The Rose Bowl. Both teams should wear home jerseys -- as it is a tradition. And, this year, USC's coach was willing to put his squad in the wrong-colored (as per NCAA rules) uniforms and take a penalty.

At first, he though that the USC team would do without two time outs. The final word on the rule after investigation was that the team would only have to be penalized one of its time outs -- not one per half.

So, the UCLA coach said he'd burn a timeout on the first play of the game, right after the kickoff, to make the game "even."

Well done coaches.

Too bad Pitt and Penn State can't get their act together like we're seeing this year with the USC and UCLA coaches.

Next -- we need to see UCLA field a men's swim team. Perhaps Tom Jager can come back as coach.

Got tickets? We could be convinced to go.

Perhaps we'll check out the Rose Bowl Aquatics swim practice schedule and go there for an early workout on Saturday morning and stay for the game -- and tailgate.

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