Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another day of Schenley Spartan Sports to dominate the City League

Christopher Thyberg (one of the championions and stars in soccer, swimming and volleyball).

Just as the Spartans of Sparta in ancient times, so goes the PPS Spartans today. They won, and won some more. But the end looms larger with each passing victory as new recruits and refreshed armies are not to be found.

Today it is boys volleyball. The City Championships are slated for 3 pm at Brashear High School. Schenley is the #1 seed. The championship format is a double elimination tournament so a couple of matches are necessary. Action will still be on the ourt at 6 pm, we expect.

Schenley's boy spikers have won the title the last 4 years. In the fall, the girls volleyball team from Schenley also won.

Today a few of the players are going to -- if the do win the title -- grab their 3rd crown of the year. Some played as 3 sport lettermen this school year and won all three City Championships: Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball.

This is the next to last year for the Spartans. Glory awaits. The last Spartan victory may yet be in the future -- or not?

I think this squad could knock off a couple of teams in the PIAA play, if they hit their groove.

Jan Raether, superstar in three sports: goalie in soccer, breastroke, IM and freestyle relay swimmer, and volleyball back-row specialist.

Video clip (below) shows Jan (pronounced "Yawn") and Martin in the 100 free at Schenley's first home swim meet this winter season.

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