Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Nomination Papers for Libertarian Candidate(s) in PA.

It is time once again for our signature drive to get our candidates on the November Ballot! This year, the number of signatures required to get our statewide candidates on the ballot is 19,082, which is lower than it has been for many years. We hope to reach that goal with an all-volunteer effort, so we need everyone's help to gather signatures.
A great opportunity to gather signatures is if you can take advantage of some time during Primary Election Day on May 18. Primary Day is good because you know all of the voters going to the polls are registered voters and you know which district they live in. We will be collecting signatures through July. There is information below about how to get nomination papers, instructions for printing and filling them out, finding the distrct candidates for your area, and what to do when you are done below.

Getting our candidates on the ballot is important not only to get our message out and give voters choices that they would not have, but it allows us the opprortunity to maintain our party status with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Because of this status, we are able to participate in special elections that would otherwise be very difficult for our candidates to gain ballot access.

Last year we were able to have a candidate on the ballot in a statewide judicial race, which is the first time the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania has ever done so. It was the first time there had been any alternatative party candidate in a statewide judicial race in Pennsylvania since 1993. This year we have a candidate on the ballot in the special election to fill the Congressional seat of the late John Murtha. There have also been state legislative seats and local races open to us because of the party status.

If you have any questions about nomination papers or would like printed papers sent to you, please contact Susan of our Election Committee; or, and she will see that you get what you need. If you would like to print the forms yourself there are instructions available here:

The nomination paper itself, with the statewide candidate information is available here:

A basic overview of the signature gathering process and where to send the form when done is here:

Candidate information for all candidates, including district candidates to add on nomination papers is included here:

To find which districts you live in or which areas are included in Congressional and state legislative election districts you can look at the last reapportionment plan here:

Thank you for all of your efforts to support the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania!

Without your help, we would not be able to offer voters a real choice of greater individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government.

Michael J. "Mik" Robertson
Chair, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

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Christian Prophet said...

Keep up the good work! One thing that might help is circulating the "Libertarian Pledge of Nonviolence."