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Email Blast on Election Eve

Hi All,

Tomorrow, Tuesday, election day. That means we vote. Well, to be more exact, a few will vote. I can't vote on May 18, 2010, here in Pennsylvania. It is forbidden for me, as I'm a member of the Libertarian Party. I'm among the nonvoters and generally in the majority on these primary Tuesdays.

Any 'reform' of state government needs a focus on election laws and practices. Some of the ridiculous rules are not real laws but are just the way the judges and election departments have made their interpretations.

Since I can't vote, here are some thoughts from me to you. Perhaps you are a primary voter, as I love discussion, debate and a democratic process driving public policy decisions. This concept of elections with decisions made at the ballot box MUST THRIVE so decisions are not made in the streets with bullets. Yesterday I returned from Dubai, UAE -- a place where voting is absent. But, they've got no taxes and a "Pittsburgh Promise" that gives free education and college tuition to all the locals, for studies anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, if in Thailand, (translation = Free Land), I might find myself perched with my video camera within the fray among the "Red Shirts," demanding elections. Thankfully, I just get to make an email blast.

So, do vote, if you can, but don't vote in a clueless ways. It is okay to skip parts of the ballot. And, by all means, never vote for anyone who is running without any opposition. That's the worst. We have far to many elections where there is really no choice at all. And, voting for someone over nobody sends the wrong message as I'd much rather have "NONE OF THE ABOVE" inserted onto all ballot questions.

As for voting in Allegheny County, Dan Onorato was at the helm when new electronic voting machines were purchased. He made a very bad choice. I have no trust in that decision -- and that alone should disqualify him from being governor. But there is more. Dan Onorato also was at the helm of the county and had wonderful opportunities to do something about PARKS. He did next to nothing on the overall issue of PARKS, an issue I care greatly about. With Mr. Onorato, the bulk of the talk of parks was about minerals and the unannounced killing of geese, not about care for our kids, coaching and programs that build community. His "nonprofit parks foundation" is a complete failure and huge fumble by Mr. Onorato. It Onorato wins, I guess I won't get appointed to the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness. Vote, if you can, for Jack Wagner, in that race.

Other great voting advice:
+ PA Republicans, please vote for Russ Diamond for Lt. Governor. He is 3rd on the ballot.

+ A couple of "Libertarians" are in two special elections in PA. One is for PA House and Don Walko's former seat and the other if for US House and John Murtha's former seat.
- Demo Agoris is the L candidate as Representative in US Congress, District 12.
- Daryl Putman, L, is the candidate and Representative in the PA General Assembly, District 20.
Both are worthy of your vote if you reside in those districts.

+ Kentucky Rs, please vote for Rand Paul for US Senate.

+ Change is good with politicians, IMHO. I hope the D party sees fit to vote out the snarlin, err, Senator Arlen Specter.

Change is bad when it comes to authentic physical assets. Really, I balk about CHURN that wants to cloak itself as progress. So, tonight, Monday, May 17, some will meet to talk about the Civic Arena after the Penguins move out. A free event called CITY LIVE! REUSE THE IGLOO?. This lecture is from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at North Side's HAZLETTE THEATER on May 17, 2010. We should keep the Civic Arena for reuse. That would be prudent public policy.

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