Sunday, May 30, 2010

We have made 9,939 posts to this blog. Running up to the 10K benchmark

This blog post is counted as 9,940. And, it is as good a time as any to consider a 4th of July invite. The 10K posting is a great reason to celebrate this year. What will the 10,000th blog post bring?

Something to shoot for, 10,000 blog postings!
From Polo

The month of May delivered 107 blog postings. We'll be very close to 10,000 in early July!

Everyone is invited to our home on the evening of July 4, 2010. We're having an open house and a celebration to mark the 10,000th blog post here.

We always have a 4th of July party. We supply the LemonAid and some crafts for the young set and all young at heart. We watch fireworks from our deck after playing in the park and tossing a few water balloons.

Bring snacks to share if you can.

Don't stay much past the end of the fireworks, as we'll be needing to get up to go to swimming practice the next morning. And, don't come before 6 pm either as we'll be cleaning the house then and trying to recover from the past swim practice or 5K or bike ride or river paddle.

Just for the record, I've got other blogs, wikis, photo and video sites as well. I'm not worried too much about a summary of the total postings.

Tech Pointers of Mark Rauterkus = 369 Posts
Sunnyhill-Dot-Org = 248 Posts
eVote Blog = 225 Posts
Erik Rauterkus Blog = 128 Posts
Transportation = 277 Posts
Grant Rauterkus Blog = 147 Posts

Carlynton, SUUSI, ABCs of sports, Market House, Allegheny and a few others are sorta dead and just digital dust.

I've made 7,712 edits since October 28, 2004 to wikis. The site, formerly has 4,788 articles. The A for Athlete wiki has 1,793 articles since May 2008. I've got 147 videos on YouTube. Viddler holds 360 videos. Blip.TV has 159 videos of mine. I've got 467 friends on Facebook and have no clue as to how to count the number of updates I've made there -- and I don't play farm nor mafia games either.

At twitter, @Rauterkus has made 4,739 tweets, follows 1,999 (but I'm stuck at the darn 2K limit), and with 1,207 followers. @Rauterkus_p0 has has 67 tweets but I get to follow another 1,076 there.

With Picasa, my one photo site, I'm way over quota with 127 albums and 5767 MB of storage.

How many times have I posted at other people's blogs is unknown. I've been enjoying PureReform recently since a number of the others have quit.

Before the internet, I published books. But I always used recycled paper, even back in the early 1990s. Now, I always choose to use recycled electrons.

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