Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fw: TJTT for Wednesday, May 5. (A Planning Meeting)

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From: "Henry A. Jackson" <henryajackson@comcast.net>
Date: Tue, 4 May 2010 17:26:36 -0400
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Subject: TJTT for Wednesday, May 5. (A Planning Meeting)


May 5, 2010


TJTT for Wednesday, May 5.


Those who choose will meet at Silvioni’s at around 7 PM for a discussion on the future plans over the next year or so for the TJTT.


What should we do for the monthly meeting?

Should we always have a speaker?

Should we emphasize or de-emphasize politics, Washington DC, Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or etc?

Is past History and peoples experiences valuable to share. Like: Vietnam War, WWII, Korea, The various Gulf wars, Iraq out of Kuwait, Iraq II, potential for Iran over nukes, Afghanistan, etc?

How are we to “Market” the monthly TJTT meetings?

As you know these email notices have been late as of late. Should our planning be two months in advance, so that today you know what next month’s meeting will be?

Should we publicize on social networking sites on the web? Get feedback on the same?

Is Thomas Jefferson still relevant in the days of Barack Obama?

Is Silvioni’s ok, or would you like a change? To where?

Given all the groups having many meetings weekly on various topics from guns to politics, is there still a place for the TJTT in this mix?

What topics would you like to hear dwelt with? Are we missing topics that you think are important? What would attract you?

Why do you come or not come on the first Wednesday of each month? Recently we have had low attendance. We must be doing something wrong.

Do you have any personal issues that if we changed would cause or allow you to attend more often?

These and other questions will be probed during this May meeting tomorrow.

Please feel free to hit reply and add to this discussion. I will take your ideas to the meeting with me.


And also feel free to reply and say REMOVE. Promptly it will be done.


Henry Jackson




We will meet on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 located at Silvioni’s.

Email list removal directions. Just reply and say remove.

You will promptly be taken off the TJTT list. Or send an email to henryjackson@iglide.net and let us know you want removed. Thanks.



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