Friday, May 07, 2010

Swiftboating scum point at Rand in Kentucky.

The American Future Fund seems to be a little less clean than the Gulf of Mexico near the sunk oil rig.

Ron Paul wrote and email:
It looks like the establishment is really desperate to keep my son Rand out of the Senate. Dick Cheney, Rudy Giuliani and Rick Santorum were already backing his opponent. And, as you probably know, Senator Mitch McConnell joined the party this week and endorsed Rand's establishment-backed opponent Trey Grayson. Senator McConnell is now doing TV ads for Grayson statewide.

But it gets far, far worse than that. That's why I'm writing you this urgent email today.

They're trying to "Swift Boat" Rand.
That's right, the shadowy groups that seem to come out whenever the establishment is threatened are here. They're on the ground in Kentucky. They're going on the air today with a HUGE six figure buy of THIS attack ad.

The ad is meant to sabotage Rand. And they have the money to do it.

So far, the group has put over $100,000 on the air. But that's a drop in the bucket for them. The last time the group came into a state, they dropped over $1 million dollars.

You and I simply must help Rand fight back. This is a do or die moment for his campaign.
He has been able to match Grayson and his allies up to now, and it's why he's winning. But now, they've opened a new front, and Rand must be able to respond.

But without your help today, everything we've worked for so far could be undone by these shadowy, special-interest backed groups.
Please answer the call to action today by donating to Rand's campaign. There are only 11 days left, and he desperately needs your help.
In Liberty,

Ron Paul
P.S. In case you need more convincing that these groups are the establishment and are serious: Their "leadership" team? Grayson's POLLSTER and his MEDIA TEAM. This is nothing less than a clear attempt by Grayson to skirt the law and trash Rand anonymously. YOU AND I CANNOT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THIS OUTRAGE! Please click HERE to donate to Rand's campaign and help him fight back!
Watch yourself:

Read the comments on YouTube. I called and left a message: "coo coo..."

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