Monday, May 10, 2010

Letters to the editor from S is off the mark

The LTE says:
Letters to the editor: "We must develop a strategy to draw employers to the region that will capitalize on the area's work force and offer employment opportunities aligned with the level of skill and education of job seekers. It's time we put those degrees to work."

Think again.

The 'draw employers here' part is often a jump start to 'grow governement' solutions.

I am less inclined to 'attract others here' and would rather welcome the 'do-it-ourselves' approach. We need to do it with what we have here now. Grow our own would work much better.

Furthermore, the 'attract others' is at its base a 'bribe.' It could be gov money or not. But, it is a 'trick' or a 'pass' to do more gratis for them or have them do less than they should. Forget that. I don't want to 'bribe' as a 'strategy.'

Those who would take bribes (i.e., Nordstrum and Lord & Taylor and Lazarus perhaps) are not types that we desire for long-term sustainability. Moreover, to pay Peter robs Paul -- and that strategy puts poison into the shared well of our free marketplace. None are inclined to compete with them then. Hence, fewer are interested in starting new business and risking their capital here.

In the end we might have a great workforce, big governement, another chapter of new stategy in the wings, yet few employers, few new biz owners, fewer emerging companies, fewer jobs.

Smart people, hard workers and trainable individuals (we got em) can figure out how to hatch, start, open and operate new business ventures to make value and wealth and prosperity, without bribes.

To cook, cut, fix or drill are just part of the lessons we need to teach. To vision, manage and account are others that can't be ignored any longer.


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