Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Carnegie Library sides with Ravenstahl on budget contribution

This is the face of "nevermind."
Carnegie Library sides with Ravenstahl on budget contribution The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's board chair has signed on to Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's interpretation of a funding disagreement, confirming in a letter dated yesterday that a $1 million pledge in the city budget was contingent on a shelved tuition tax.

The letter by library system Chair Jacqui Fiske Lazo to the mayor, released by Mr. Ravenstahl's office today, has prompted Councilman Bruce Kraus to postpone introduction of legislation that would have granted a second $600,000 payment toward keeping threatened branches open.
Well, well, well.

Is Bruce Kraus that worthless and without merit. Or, did the mayor get the the boss of the Library System?

Did you know that in New Zealand, at their libraries, patrons pay a small fee for checking out books. Furthermore, to surf the internet at sites within New Zealand is without a charge. But, there are nominal charges for use of computers and the internet in the library when surfing to sites that are beyond New Zealand.

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