Sunday, May 30, 2010

Excellence for All meeting in May 2010 with Mark Roosevelt

Mark Roosevelt visited with a group of parents on Thursday, May 27, 2010, at Pittsburgh Obama. This is the monthly "Excellece For All" meeting organized by Mark Conner, the district's leader with parent engagement.

Containers and tasks.

These are great meetings if you care about our schools and the overall district. They will resume in September 2010 and are worth the effort of attending. And, they generally provide a decent meal for all the busy parents on the night of the meetings.

I didn't run the video on the start of the meeting as it was more of the same song and dance that we've all come to know. But, as the meeting got past half way, and as the questions would arrive -- I pulled out the camera.

Comments welcome, of course.

Stuff on teacher data:

Adolescent Literacy:

Performance Pay

Parent portal, community learning outreach hub, summer months and open schools:

School Security and safe travels on buses.

Labor relations and first questions. What about closing of schools? Peabody, IB mentioned. What about Gifted? What about getting more African American kids into Gifted programs?

Questions part 2 has to do with central staff, union cooperation, but bunk about the union cooperation with sports, and getting the union contract out of the coaching of city sports teams.

Sports is in there as something that needs attention.

Final part of the Q&A. It is 23 minutes so I moved it off of YouTube. The first part goes to the skeleton plan that just passed the PPS Board that week about CTE. The rest of the CTE is pending. Questions of process were raised.

Summer fun:

This might be a plug for CTE, (as in Vo Tech), and the culinary arts programs. Plus, part two is for another CTE offering, cosmotology. Perhaps our school board should spend some quality time this summer watching TV, especially, this network, to get some ideas as to what programs to put into the mix for Pittsburgh's Career offerings in the years to come.

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