Monday, May 24, 2010

Mellon Arena roof may open one last time

This is bullshit.
Mellon Arena roof may open one last time: "Officials are exploring the idea as part of a grand finale for the 48-year-old building, which will close this summer and give way to the Consol Energy Center, which is opening across Centre Avenue. Mr. Roberts said SMG is pursuing a 'couple of options' for a final act."

No, they want to close the Civic Arena. But, it won't give way to the new Consol Energy Center. When a mother gives birth to a new child -- the parents do not commit suiside. These are not cars where you buy a new one and trade in the old one with the dealer. These are places -- and the new building can sit next to the other one. They are not in the same place.

They did not need to tear down Pitt Stadium to build a new basketball venue. Pitt could have built the new basketball venue along the river in Hazelwood, by the Parkway East. Pitt did build a new baseball field and is going to use the old field for a track. Jeepers, there was a fine track within Pitt Stadium.

The Pirates could have built PNC Park -- woops -- the Pirates didn't build PNC Park. PNC Park could have been build without the need to tear down Three Rivers Stadium.

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