Friday, May 21, 2010

Fw: Tom Corbett: Trying to kill the first Amendment!

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Subject: Tom Corbett: Trying to kill the first Amendment!

Friends --

As a freedom-loving Democrat, I was appalled and disgusted with Attorney General Tom Corbett -- the GOP nominee for governor -- over his most recent abuse of the Attorney General's office.

To quote the Philadelphia Inquirer: "Corbett has stepped into a political minefield by using grand-jury subpoenas to try to unmask two of his harshest critics on the Internet.... But news of the subpoena unleashed a cascade of criticism from First Amendment and electronic-privacy advocates, who contend that Corbett is engaging in a Big Brotherlike attempt to silence and intimidate people who don't agree with him."

For those of us that follow Pennsylvania politics, this is just one of the abuses of power that Tom Corbett has exhibited since he took office. The betrayal of his voter-given public trust is enough to warrant his resignation as Attorney General alone.

Can you help us stick-it to Tom Corbett and tell him that he's NOT the right man to lead Pennsylvania for the next four years? Here's how, and it's easy:

Log on to your Facebook and/or Twitter account and put this in your status:

"Want to stop Tom Corbett and protect our First Amendment? Visit and contribute today."

To stop our power-abusing Attorney General, we need to make sure that Dan Onorato is elected the next Governor of Pennsylvania this November.

Thank you all so much for your help, and thank you for all that you do for the Democratic Party!

For the cause,

Chris Benson, Corresponding Secretary
Pennsylvania Young Democrats

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