Thursday, May 06, 2010

Julian Heicklen to be in Pittsburgh Wednesday May 12th, leafleting

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He's planning on doing Fully Informed Jury Association leafleting in front of the U.S. District Courthouse, from 11:45am until 1:15pm, or to when he gets arrested. (See .)

It's part of an 8 courthouse "circuit" he's making. It seems he already has one or more people scheduled to leaflet with him here. But, no doubt he'd be delighted to have some of the regulars he has met here in Pittsburgh over the years join him in the endeavor, if not in being arrested. (Bring your camcorders or camera-phones.)

I'm not sure if he has notified the local news media, or los federales, of his intentions. I'll inquire.

Here's some of the message he sent me:

The circuit is the 8 courthouses I expect to visit from May 10–14. I have accomplices committed for 7 of those courthouses so far. Only in Johnstown do I not have a commitment from anyone.

So far I have distributed literature 9 times at the Manhattan, NY courthouse (8 arrests), twice in Philadelphia, and once in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

See you next Wednesday—Julian

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