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Fw: [ooo-announce] OpenOffice.org announces Summer Internship Programme

This is a serious challenge with splendid pay off in terms of technology insights as well as cash.

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Subject: [ooo-announce] OpenOffice.org announces Summer Internship Programme

OpenOffice.org announces Summer Internship Programme

Mentors will guide students through OpenOffice.org development
Bounties up to 3.500 EUR per enhancement and bug fix

The OpenOffice.org Community today announced the launch of its Summer
Internship Programme. Students from all over the world are invited to
take their first steps in OpenOffice.org development. A cash bounty up
to 3.500 EUR per enhancement or bug fix is available. Participants will
benefit by learning from experienced mentors from the worldwide
community, gaining valueable skills -- not to mention the opportunity of
coding for millions of users worldwide.

Mathias Bauer, a lead developer of OpenOffice.org, says, "We think that
working on OpenOffice.org is real fun. On the other hand, we kow that
it's also a challenge for new developers. But skilled students who have
mastered the first steps together with their mentor, will have a great
opportunity to work on interesting features in one of the biggest and
most important open source projects."

Cor Nouws, member of the OpenOffice.org Community Council, adds:
"OpenOffice.org is an exciting and challenging project. From our
experience, we know that interested students can learn lots of cool
stuff. Implementing a feature for millions of users worldwide is a
perfect reference for your resume -- and something you can be really
proud of!"

The Summer Internship Programme follows the community's previous
bug-bounty programmes that have been successfully organized in the past.
It runs from May 31st to October 31st and accepted students are required
to work full-time for a period of about three months on their project.

Space is limited, so students are encouraged to apply for the programme now!


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