Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Choice Model -- can't happen -- back of the room whispers

At the meeting last night, there were a few board members attending and I had a short, whispered conversation with one from the Pittsburgh Public Schools, Sherry Hazuda. She asked some questions at recent meetings that goes along with my thinking that we should make the move to eliminate all feeder patters in the city for high school students. I want to advocate for an all-choice model.

Seems she heard that an all choice model is 'illegal.' What if the student does not make a choice? That student needs to be assigned to go to some school. That's the reasoning, so it seems.

Say what?

Okay, then. Let's assign all the kids in the city to attend Brashear High School. Then if they do NOT make a choice, they go there. Otherwise, they can make choices and go to CAPA, IB (Obama), Sci Tech, Allderdice, Carrick, Gateway Vo Tech (whatever Oliver is to be called), Single-Gender Westinghouse, U-Prep, Langley, -- etc.

Next objection, anyone????

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