Friday, August 06, 2010

Our next big trip looks like this

Everything is now booked for South Africa.  We will fly out on Friday, October 22nd.  We will arrive in Durban in the evening on Saturday, October 23rd.  We will be at the Sports Champagne Resort in the Drakensburg Mountains through Wednesday October 27th.  Wed afternoon we will drive to Johannesburg (long drive).  We'll stay the night by the airport.  The next day we'll fly to Kruger National Park (Nelspruit airport).  We'll be driven to the private lodge.  We'll have a safari that afternoon and then two the next day (Friday October 29th).  We'll spend the early morning of Saturday, October 30th in the park and then be driven to the airport. We'll fly to Cape Town and have a family room at a hotel by the water there.  The evening is on our own.  Sunday, October 31st we have an all day private tour.  Being a private tour means we have a plan but we can deviate from it.  On Monday, November 1st we have another tour (around the cape) but again, it is private, and we can deviate from it as we like.  We'll leave for Pittsburgh on November 2nd, arrive in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, November 3rd. Seal Island Video

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