Monday, August 30, 2010

Hot days -- no school!

It is wonderful to NOT have school as the days are so hot. They're talking 90-degrees out there. We're going to the siwm pool this evening.

Lump camp rocks!

Erik slept like he had jet lag or something.

I had a great meeting today. Welcome to Pittsburgh Jake House. He helped to lead a meeting among a task force to reform athletics in Pittsburgh Public Schools. It was a most productive meeting. Everyone was there, even the union rep.

I did ask that someone from either the Mayor's office or else Citiparks be put onto the committee. That's one everyone that is still not at the table. But, this is still a great time to get their engagement.

Last night we attended a great welcome part for the new graduate students. The old and the new are in town and getting ready for another big year.

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