Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Un-American

News Release
For Immediate Release—August 16, 2010
Lou Jasikoff at or 570-945-5420

Wilkes-Barre, PA— The two behemoths of corruption known as the Democrat and Republican
Parties have, once again, challenged the petitions of all statewide third party candidates in
Pennsylvania. What has now become normal modis operandi by these parties of chicanery and
deception to insure only they can compete in the arena of ideas must not be tolerated any
longer and will not be without a fight. “Keeping candidates off the ballot is as bad, if not worse,
than denying one the right to vote,” said Lou Jasikoff, Chair for the Northeast Pennsylvania
Libertarian Party.

Jasikoff added “currently we have men and women dying in Iraq and Afghanistan to ensure free
and open elections there and yet both the Democrat and Republican parties found it necessary
– even in light of ‘bonusgate’ – to choke off access to the ballot and to give citizens less choice.”
“Joe Sestak himself filed to keep the Green Party off the ballot as its petitions were most
susceptible to challenge. Is the new game plan of the Democrat Party to attack those it views
as most vulnerable? And let’s not forget the Republican operatives in this endeavor challenging
the Tea Party and Libertarian candidates.”

Jasikoff concluded “the wretched place that both the Republican and Democrat parties -- and
only the Republican and Democrat parties -- have brought this nation must be addressed now.
The endless wars, a broken economy, a failing education system and never ending corruption
plus cronyism are the direct results of their policies. The system can only be fixed when new
ideas and competition are allowed into the political arena. It will never get fixed by limiting
voter choice, squashing voices and keeping qualified candidates off the ballot. It is
unacceptable and it is Un-American.”

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