Friday, August 13, 2010

Open Letter to Students and Families of PPS Summer Dreamers, Health Smart at Peabody

From: Mark Rauterkus, swim coach

Date: August 13, 2010

With Summer Dreamers, we got to do some swimming. But there is a whole lifetime of fitness and learning that needs to continue. This letter is an invitation to join us for additional, ongoing fun at the swim pool with water polo.

Many of the students in Summer Dreamers made great progress in the three lessons at the Kingsley swim pool. Almost all who came got to the point of being able to swim across the pool in the deep end. Messages of closing your lips, body position, floating, head under, rolling, big strokes and kicking were blended with some high energy games and teamwork play.

We played a modified game of WATER POLO -- and I'm not sure about the kid's reactions -- but I had a great time. The lifeguards and camp leaders all played hard with the kids. The effort level was high and new rules were followed.

Everyone needs to know how to swim. Swimming can save your life. Use our city pools with Citiparks, our school pools with PPS, and the Kingsley Center opportunities. Visit the Allegheny County Pools, such as North Park. Be confident to swim at Sandcastle, the beach, and then one day, swim around off your boat while on vacation. I'd love for all the kids to be strong in the water. Now is the time to dedicate yourself to getting those skills and growing up fit.

Learn how to master flip turns, butterfly, breastroke, backstroke. Learn how to race and compete on a swim team. Train with a coach and team mates. Strive to be on a high school squad and do relays and participate in the City Campionships. Score goals in a real water polo game against out of town players.

When swimming is offered at school in gym class, get in the water. Ask the teachers to show you something new. Try new skills. Consider getting a job as a lifeguard too. Always respect the water and the environment.

Some of the students have splendid swimming talents. Most can become aquatic athletes with practice. If you want to continue with some structured instruction, see these details.

Join us for WATER POLO on:

Monday, August 16, 10 am to noon at Kingsley Association.

Wednesday, August 18, 10 am to noon at Kingsley Association.

Cost $0., 6435 Frankstown Ave, 15206

Plus, the Kingsley Stingrays are another option for year-round competitive swimming.

We had a great time. Let's keep going to the pool. There is much more to do, learn and explore. Develop into scholar athletes and responsible adults that value community fitness.

Hope to see you soon!

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