Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun night. Took an open water swim. Saw a beaver.

These are some of the swimmers. One guy took the photo and another was still in the water. A beaver joined us in the water and put on a bit of a show as we were finishing.

I swam to the bridge and back. Use the PBs from Steve and snorkel. Need some body glide under my left arm, but all is well.

I biked over from home (South Side) to the Rowing Center and did a bit more. The bike path extension on the other side of the bank is like an elevated expressway. It will be great when finished. I'm not sure how far the path goes beyond the skateboard park. It seemed to turn into a dirt road and less of a path, so I turned around.

They do this every week and it is part of the Pittsburgh Triathlon Club. I'll have to join. In the winter, I wonder if they'll be interested in being a part of our Saturday Swim School as part of the 4-H program? (New venture.)

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