Friday, August 13, 2010

Start of school: 9:10 for middle school and 7:45 for high school.

The start time for Pittsburgh Obama grades 6-8 are 9:10 AM and the end time is 4:03 pm.
The start time for Pittsburgh Obama grades 9-10 are 7:45 am and the end time is 3:00 PM.
Woops. I was wrong. I had heard (bad rumor I guess) that the start and end of the school days for the middle and high school students would be much closer together this year. Perhaps I was wishing that they were more together.

It is weird to have two students in the same building be not be able to have them in the same realm of travel. But, I guess that is what they want.

Moreover, I was hoping that the school day would end for the middle school students so that the high school kids could start their afterschool at 3 pm and not need to deal with avoiding the physical education classes of the middle school students.

For instance, when the high school is done and ready to start swim practices, there is a one hour delay before they can get into the swim pool because there are middle school physical education classes until 4. Same too with the gym.

I'll be talking with the principals about this again within a week when I get to visit with them.

Last year they made a GREAT ACCOMIDATION for the swim team and nixed the last period middle school physical education swimming period when the bulk of the swim season arrived. The kids did other activities so that the 40 or more high school kids could swim and get home at a decent hour.

Perhaps something is in the works with getting the final period to be for health or for outdoors activity?

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