Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Water polo play on August 10, 2010 at Peabody High School

Great day. We had three swimmers join us from Shaler as well as their coach. She had played water polo at Penn State University and has been coaching the kids in long-course swimming.

Max was there too -- as he is trying to stay in shape so he can swim and play polo in college in CT.

Jan had to get out early -- with a leg cramp.

A new swimmer came to practice straight from the Highland Park Pool and the Kingsley Stingrays practice. He is a swimmer, I think, with Allderdice.

We need to get the girls of Schenley to get into the groove.

Our goalies are playing very well. We can't get many balls past them. Keep it up S and C.

We'll play the rest of the week from 10:30 to noon. I have a few other bits of info to gather before we announce when play is going to happen next week. We might be able to play at North Park some time soon as well.

Tomorrow I expect to see Marshall and Grant as well as some others from Shaler.

Some of the footage above is from the ball-handling and shooting drills we did first, before splitting into two teams and playing a game. So that's why the caps are not on all the players in the early photos.

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