Thursday, August 12, 2010

Parking lease changes would slow rate hikes

This no compete zone is a huge sticking point in my view. I'd vote no just because of that element.
Parking lease changes would slow rate hikes: "The no-compete zone for Downtown parking garage construction initially covered an area roughly bounded by Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt boulevards, Liberty Avenue and Delray, Smithfield and Grant streets, plus an area bounded by Ross Street, the Boulevard of the Allies and the Parkway East. The new zone essentially connects those two areas, increasing the no-compete by zone many blocks.
Private developers and certain government agencies may continue to build public parking garages in the zone; the no-compete clause does not apply to them.
If the city and authority want to build garages for general-purpose public parking, the leaseholder would have the opportunity to prove revenue loss and seek compensation.
As a counter offer, I'd say a no compete for five years is fine. For ten years is less than ideal. Past that -- no way.

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