Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pittsburgh councilman seeks task force for South Side problems

Pittsburgh councilman seeks task force for South Side problems: "Pittsburgh City Councilman Bruce Kraus this morning called for a task force to bring order to the South Side's party scene."

There is a task force already, Mr. Kraus. It is called GOVERNMENT. There is the City of Pittsburgh Police. Then there is BBI, Breau of Building Inspection. Plus there is the PA State Police and even city council itself.

The South Side party scene isn't the place for 'order.' Rather, it is a party. It is organic. It is government that needs to be tamed and turned into something positive. Government needs to be ordered to do its duty for the sake of public safety.

The Mayor doesn't need to take a hands on role. Nor does Big Ben. The hands on role is that of the police, parking enforcement, the LCB and even bar owners and business owners and their hired entities for clean up and such.

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