Monday, August 16, 2010

Stephanie wrote grom Harrisburg with an update to the ballot challenges

Jim Roddey approves of these Jackass ploys.

... Her email reads:

was very interesting. I left with a very hot head, not due to the weather either. I was only signed up for three hours, which was a good thing. I was flanked by two individuals who wanted to dispute nuances in signatures such as subtle loops and whirls allegedly not matching the voter's registration signature. These FLANKEES were very annoying and when I offered commentary I was summarily chastised by some youngster who fancied himself a mini Obama. It's good I wasn't there too long. The good news is that the FLANKEES didn't get to strike more than one or two signatures during that entire time, even though they fought to strike most of them. The other good news is that the two men who sat in the corner glaring at me with their arms crossed started moving around the room after I mentioned what an interesting article this might make....
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