Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This was last year.... and we want to do it again!

Here we were in 2009 at Citiparks Swim Pool at Ammon Rec Center, Hill District.

We should do it again in 2010. We've been playing at Peabody High School. But, that ends in 2 more days. So, it would be great to move outdoors to either Ammon Rec or else Highland Park Pool.

I just sent this to Shelley, the boss of City of Pgh aquatics. I CCed to the Mayor and the Operations Director, Mr. Ashley. Mr. Ashley helped us get this started last summer.


The City Swim Meet was fun. Thanks! Good job.

I've struck out in recent months trying to get water polo at Citiparks
in the summer of 2010. Still, I'd love to hold another clinic / set
of practices this summer too. We have been playing at Peabody as I've
been helping with PPS Summer Dreamers Camps for middle school kids in
the afternoons. So, I might be able to get some of those kids into the
fold with a new effort.

Here is what I'd love to propose.

We could hold practices at Ammon Rec Center from August 16 to August
27, M-F, for 90 minutes. I think we did this from 11:00 to 12:30 pm in
the past.

I do not know when you are going to close Ammon. But, if you close it
the second week, I'd love to move the practices to Highland Park Pool. (FYI, Ammon closes as do most of the other swim pools as school begins and lifeguards go back to colleges.)

Is that possible? Do you have the hours for the guards?

Last year we had 50 kids playing water polo in The Hill District at
Ammon -- one day. It was great. POSITIVE stuff. Now they want to build
a new Y. Fine. Let's do this as a city thing so folks get into the

Furthermore, we've got some kids coming to play with us from Shaler.
And, a Pitt player too.

I know this request is late -- but -- I think it is worth it if we can
get a guard to open and get those water polo goals back in the water.
I have the balls, hats, and a number of kids in tow.

Do let me know. If it is out of the question -- let's be sure to make
a plan earlier this year for next year. We ran into the snow emergency
stuff when I wanted to meet with those at City Hall this year.

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