Friday, August 13, 2010

North Allegheny visits PPS Peabody for water polo play on Friday the 13th

We don't know the real score, but it is safe to say we all were winners. Jim, the guy in the photo below, said it well. "It is a great day when we play water polo." And it was.

The guy on the bench was the ref. Jim coached the visitors. The Shaler crew was split between both of our teams. And Peabody's pool, and our kids, got a nice workout.

Warm-up swims.

Sheradan, our full-time goalie, and Grant, my son. Grant said he had four goals today. We were not counting -- yeah right. Our other goalies, Donald and Christopher, didn't show up. Boys, a sleep over is not an excuse. The game didn't start until 10:30 am.

Other notes of interest: Thanks to Marshall Melnyk for bringing your pal. Hope he comes back. He jumped in for his first time ever to play waterpolo into a game. And he held his own very well. Impressive.

Devon is on the wall with both hands. He swims at Allderdice and with the Kingsley Stingrays. He has been attending practice in the swim pool at Highland Park, 50-meter. Then he joins us right after that for waterpolo. He got a goal today!
In the water, everyone isn't equal -- but they are more equal than if on land.

Waterpolo is for girls and boys of all ages. Even former Penn State polo players / present day coaches get into the action. I'd love to get more adults playing with us. Then as we advance in participation, we'll be better able to break the groups into more similar settings.

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