Monday, February 18, 2008

Texas Looms Larger for a number of reasons

Ron Paul posted:
The DC neocons think their old dream is about to come true. They think they can defeat me in the Republican congressional primary in Texas on March 4th. And you know what? They may be right.

My opponent, who describes himself as a traditional conservative, is a dedicated servitor of all the special interests who have given us the disaster of recent years, from unconstitutional wars to a looming recession, from huge deficits to massive new welfare programs.

A Republican operative allied with the worst forces in DC recently said: "Give what you can [to Ron Paul's opponent]. Ron Paul is running scared -- using his Presidential campaign's donors' money to subsidize a desperate last-minute attempt to save his Congressional seat."

That is a lie, of course. It is illegal to use presidential campaign donations in my congressional race. The congressional campaign has to stand on its own. But so far, we have raised only about a third of what a well-funded effort would need.

In my 10 terms in Congress, I have not only been able to serve my constituents, and help them, for example, negotiate federal red-tape. I have also been able to defend our principles of less spending, lower taxes, no inflation, and strict adherence to the Constitution. Some people in DC laugh at the idea that I should obey my oath of office, and ask first of any proposed legislation, is it constitutional? But I know that you share my support for the vision of the framers.

My friend Congressmen Wayne Gilchrest (R-Maryland) was just defeated in his primary election by a neocon fraud similar to the one I face. My friend Walter Jones (R-North Carolina) is under heavy pressure as well. People like our hand-picked opponents will do anything to gain and keep power. They represent everything that is wrong with DC.

If I am defeated in the upcoming congressional primary, our ideas will be held to have been defeated as well. It will be proclaimed from the rooftops in DC that such "ridiculous and outmoded notions" as the free market, sound money, personal liberty, limited government, and a pro-American foreign policy are through.

I am determined not to let this happen. All that you and I believe in is far too important to the future of our country, and to everyone and everything we love, to let the neocons dance on its grave.

Please, help me stop the lies, the distortions, the pressure groups, the special interests that benefit from DC rip-offs. There is still time to run radio and tv ads, to set up phone banks, to get out the vote. But unless you help, my reelection to Congress may be in jeopardy. Please help me return to Congress to fight for the people of my district, and for the ideas that can save our country from the path to trouble we are now on.

I hesitated to ask you, since you have already done so much. But my wife Carol said, "When you need help, you ask your best friends." So I do ask you, to hold out your hand in support.

Please give today, as generously and as quickly as you can.




Anonymous said...

John K. says: Ron Paul should have remained in the shadows. At least then he would have had a Govt job. Now he has been outed and he will lose his congressional seat and have to work without the benefit of pork to hold him up. And since when did Ron Paul care about legal issues when it comes to campaigning. The guy who called Reagan a traitor and Lincoln a bad President. Tis better to keep mouth shut before others find out you are a fool.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Ron Paul was NOT in the shadows -- unless you are ignorant. So, Ron Paul was in the shadows to YOU, John K.

He was a member of the US House for 10 terms. He was known there as "Doctor NO." He was always saying NO to the wayward ways of DC politicians.

Heck, he even ran for US President in the past.

As for a Gov Job -- he didn't need that. He has had a practice as a Medical Doctor. Going to US Congress is a serious step back professionally.

hempsavetheworld said...

By only mid-day, Ron Paul had already raised over $100,000 for his Congressional seat - raising those donations for the quarter to nearly $1 million.

From those who have done their research and have learned about America's path to collapse, thousands more donations will be made - to support the only presidential candidate who is smart and honest enough to save America.

Ron Paul is trying to win both his Congressional seat and the Presidency. Ron Paul is a true American hero.