Monday, February 18, 2008

Reloading candidates from the D and R parties in competitions for US Congress -- or lack of them

The list of D and R candidates running for public office in 2008 in Pennsylvania is here (PDF). Third party challengers are NOT yet on the radar as third-party types are just now able to get signatures to get onto the ballot.

PA has 19 members of the US House. Only one is slated to retire this year. Eighteen are seeking re-election. Not a single member presently in the US House is facing a challenger within his or her party. They all are getting a 'free ride' on April 22.

The one member presently in the US House who is going to retire has NINE candidates seeking to fill that seat. The retirement, from a R is from the district that includes State College. Nine R candidates have filed as that soon to be open seat.

The US House delegation from Pennyslvania is presently with 11 Ds and 8 Rs. So nine Rs are running for one seat and seven Rs are running against nobody.

The list of Rs seeking the open seat in the US House in the primary include:
* Chris Exarchos
* John Krupa
* Lou Radkowski
* Keith Richardson
* Matt Shaner
* Jeff Stroehmann
* John Stroup
* Glenn W. Thompson
* Derek Walker

Three Ds are running too:
* Bill Cahir
* Mark McCracken
* Richard P. Vilello Jr.

Six districts (out of 19) are expected to have candidates from the two-old parties (Ds and Rs). Competition from third party candidates is still unknown.

Republican Tim Murphy (18th District near Pittsburgh) has four Ds in a fight to square off against him in November: Wayne Dudding, Beth Hafer, Steve O’Donnell and Brien Wall.

In the 4th District near Pittsburgh, former Rep. Melissa Hart is challenging Democratic Rep. Jason Altmire in a rematch of a 2006 campaign that Altmire won by 4 percentage points.

In the northeastern 10th District, freshman Democratic Rep. Christopher Carney will face the winner of a three-candidate Republican primary that includes Dan Meuser, Chris Hackett and Davis Haire.

In the 8th District (Bucks County north of Philadelphia and includes a small part of the city), Rep. Patrick J. Murphy, D, the only Iraq War veteran currently serving in Congress will have competition. The R primary has two candidates: Tom Manion, a retired Marine Corps colonel whose son was killed in Iraq, and Joseph Montone, who lost a Republican primary in the 8th District in 2004 and also was unsuccessful in 2006 in a state House race.

In the 7th District (most of Delaware County west and southwest of Philadelphia) freshman D,. Joe Sestak, will face Republican W. Craig Williams. Neither faces opposition in the primary.

In the northeastern 11th District, Hazelton mayor Lou Barletta recently announced that he will challenge 12-term Democratic Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski.

In the northwestern 3rd District, four Democrats filed to challenge Republican Rep. Phil English: Kathy Dahlkemper, Kyle Foust, Tom Myers and Moise “Mike” Waltner.

In Pennsylvania’s 6th District, Republican Rep. Jim Gerlach has won each of his three elections by the same 51 percent to 49 percent margin. The three Democratic candidates challenging Gerlach are Mike Leibowitz, Bob Roggio and Bob Rovner.

Pennsylvania’s 15th (Allentown, Bethlehem and Lehigh Valley) has two-term R, Charlie Dent. The Democrats’ 2008 candidate will be Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, a local party activist who twice ran unsuccessfully to be mayor of Allentown.

Congressman Mike Doyle, D, (Pittsburgh area) is without a R opponent. Is Mark DeSantis, R, going to wage another write in campaign? However, Titus North, Green, is expected to enter the fray for the general election.


Vic said...

Mark McCracken now has his website up and running with everything from his biography to his accomplishments and issues.

You can visit here:

Feel free to help turn this district blue by contributing!

Real said...

Mark DeSantis isn't going to run against Mike Doyle, and Titus North runs for everything he can.

There are only 3 candidates in the race against Tim Murphy.

Steve O'Donnell who was recently endorsed by the Allegheny Co. Dem Committee
Brien Wall
and Beth Hafer