Friday, February 15, 2008

Jen found the anti-talk -- from developers (?) of Arena deal

Jen posted in an email blast:
It was brought to my attention that Craigslist Rants and Raves is full of anti one hill posts today, many of which are ignorant and racist. My biggest concern is that they are publicizing Dan and Luke's phone numbers and asking people to call (first link) an that supposedly some folks have sent emails (second link). If you want to see the whole discussion its the third link, though its pretty infuriating. Rather than argue with anonymous idiots and trolls on rnr I thought a better response might be to have people from around the city drop Dan and Luke a line and ask when negotiations are going to continue and to express support for not only one hill but the whole cba idea. Please take a few minutes today to do this, and feel free to pass on this request.

Dan Onorato Phone# 412-350-6500 Email-

Luke Ravenstahl Phone#412-255-2626 Email-
Some time ago, Bram ran into a group with the same type of chatter as well. Are these the same?

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