Monday, February 25, 2008

The TEETH -- the PUNISHMENT -- the End Results

Suggested Language for Campaign Finance Reform Legislation

Any individual, employee of a company/organization, owner or board member that is found "GUILTY" of exceeding the measures put forth within these campaign finance ordinances are to be put onto a list of rule-breakers.

Rule-breakers are NOT eligible for any payments from the city and its associated authorities. Contracts, payments and even salaries are not to be paid by the city controller. The city controller enforces a STOP PAYMENT order to those who are deemed on the list of 'rule breakers.'

Rule-breakers are to be eligible again to receive payments from the city and its authorities via the controller's office after the candidate that accepted the payment is out of public office. The controller is to remove the STOP PAYMENT orders for rule-breakers after the candidate that accepted the payment resigns from city office. A move from one public office to another keeps the STOP PAYMENT order in effect.

I don't expect this to fly. But, this is what I want to see in Pittsburgh's Campaign Finance Reform Legislation.

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