Friday, February 15, 2008

Snow removal frosts mayor and councilman Kraus micro-manages

Slow snow removal frosts mayor: "Mr. Kraus also got into a feud with a former political rival who he said interfered with snow removal in his district.

'It was like running a telethon this morning,' he said. 'The streets are beginning to dry, but I see no salt residue anywhere. ... Whatever we're doing is not working.'
The snow situation is what it is. Those like Darlene Harris and Bruce Kraus that want to "over reach" are sure to hinder and not help.

Just so you know, I was not the political rival mentioned in the story. I guess it was Jeff Koch, the new czar of 'special streets.' Mayor Ravenstahl gave him that post after Kraus voted for Doug Shields as City Council President. But now the mayor is going to have a press event this morning to yap about streets and his scorn for their treatment this week. Go figure.

The way to fix the streets, by the way, is to re-deploy the salt boxes. Back when Gene Ricciardi was on city council and Mayor Murphy wanted to make a crisis, he nixed most of the salt boxes that would get stationed on most of the steep city streets.

With the salt boxes, we don't need city employees at critical times nor as often.

The salt boxes are a bargain. They need to be managed. They need to be planned. They need volunteers too.

Mayor Murphy really screwed this city. And, the folks who have been there since then have done little to nothing to un-do the harm that he caused.

Salt boxes!

The real problem isn't street cleaning after snow and ice. The traffic on the streets has never been worse. And, there is no hope for improvement.

Yesterday afternoon, traffic in and around OAKLAND sucked. The gridlock on 2nd Ave, Bates, EAST CARSON STREET, 18th Street, 10th Street, Hot Metal, and Bingham all stink.

It took an hour to get out of Oakland yesterday afternoon. Snow was NOT a factor.

We're screwed. People can walk and get there two to three times faster. This is why we need to have the Brimingham Bridge open to pedestrians.

"I know there were trucks on my street," he said. "They don't listen to me."

He said he will reiterate the order.
So few words, yet so much to say.

First of all, if I'm the mayor and people don't listen to what is told to them -- they don't work here any more. Secondly, only a fool would tell the crew that ONE STREET is to be the LAST STREET. The mayor is telling them WHAT NOT TO DO.

People should NOT get in trouble for doing MORE. The MAYOR should NOT be telling the work crew to DO LESS. The Mayor's management style is upside down.

Furthermore, globally, the mayor pegged Jeff Koch to handle the oversight of the street program. Fine. Ravenstahl tossed an 'ex-politician' at a political problem yet wants to remove politics from the tasks. Give us a break.

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