Saturday, February 23, 2008

New threat to our way of life: giant pythons

Well, The Dice was NOT snake bitten today at the swim pool at Pitt. Schenley was winning the city league championship meet -- and the girls meet too. After the 500 free, about 3/4th of the way, the points went to The Dice, dipping Schenley into second.

Alderdice has won the city swim championships since 1977. Schenley has never won it.


In other snake bitten news... check this out.
New threat to our way of life: giant pythons: "The Burmese python is one of several nonnative giant constrictor snakes - believed to be former pets - that have been introduced and then established themselves in Florida's Everglades National Park. Biologists estimate 30,000 nonnative giant snakes live in the Everglades, perhaps more. Some have begun appearing in areas outside the park, alarming biologists and also people who don't care for snakes.
It makes sense to do open water swimming in our rivers -- and NOT in Florida nor SF Bay.

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