Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Video poker might be good bet: Onorato

Onorato says PAT problems run deep. Yep. deep, as in under the river. And deep again, as in Dan won't do anything about them.
Video poker might be good bet: Onorato - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review He said Port Authority's problems run deep.
Last year Onorato put executive pay at PAT in a 'frozen mode.' When executives are grossly over paid -- freezing them is the wrong thing to do. Cuts were demanded of the workers. Freezing happened to the top. That's not a fix.

The excessive pay has happened on Onorato's watch. Finally, now, they are starting to tighten up the golden parachutes that have been part of their game plans. Dan executed them well. These give-aways happened while Onorato was County Controller.

Blast from the past: By the way, back in 2000 when I ran for mayor (yes, it was an election held in May 2001, but I had announced I was running in August 2000.) I talked a great deal about video poker machines. The solution of video poker has been under discussion for many many years in some circles. Finally Onorato and others (media) have taken notice.

Video Poker Machines could be a cornerstone to insure that our region has the GREATEST Park District in the nation. Or, we can continue to have one of the worst landscapes for public parks programming.

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