Friday, February 15, 2008

20/20 on ABC to uncover the already naked, skin-less bodies of dead people

The Science Center is hosting the exhibition, Bodies. Yada, yadda, yadddda.

Go see Lion King instead.

We're going to see Amadeus tonight.

Question: If these bodies come from the prisons of China --are the babies and kids from the same places?

On campus at the university in Chengdu, China, there is a "Body Building." They don't mean "body building" like flexing of muscles and striking a pose after lifting weights for years in a competition. That "body building" had no windows -- or if they did -- they were kept open. Medical students went there so others don't.

That was part of our tour that we didn't take. Likewise, I've not been to the Science Center's exhibit.

And, I'd not want to say that our choice is a 'boycott.'

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