Thursday, February 28, 2008

Glowing Downtown billboard transfixes council for 6 hours

Glowing Downtown billboard transfixes council for 6 hours: "A glowing billboard slated for the new Grant Street Transportation Center was the subject of a sometimes-heated special meeting of Pittsburgh City Council yesterday.

The meeting lasted nearly six hours but ended without resolution of a conflict regarding the approval of the sign without any public hearings or votes."
I watched some of this on the cable TV last night. It put me to sleep after a while. Train wreck. And, at a transportation building no less. Since it is a public building, it is an expensive train wreck.

I posted in the past that the move to make the chair of the meeting be put into the hands of Rev. Burgess was the power move.

Here is some logic that I do NOT understand.

Because there has NOT been a complaint nor a protest in the past five years does NOT mean that everything is fine now. The date can turn into a rape. Things can sour and turn illegal after 10 minutes, after 100 minutes, after 10 dates or after 10 years.

This is "an outright, illegal, underhanded deal" -- it is what it is, regardless of what's been done on some private bit of property in another part of the city.

The big picture, and I do NOT mean all 1,200 square foot of the lighted display, is authority madness. This is a parking structure that is being built by the Parking Authority. The fix is simple. Liquidate the Parking Authority. Liquidate the URA too.

I've made many complaints about that over the year. You can read my logs too.

"Never look at the zoning ordinance in a snapshot of time. ... Interpretations evolve. Interpretations become precedents." Giggle. Mr. Ford needs to be fired. That's a snapshot that I'd love to see.

Then Bruce Kraus got yelled at by the guy he gave the bear hug to. "Jimmmmmmyyyyyy!"

Then comes the notion of a connection of "FREE" -- and "without need to vote." That, for me, was the money quote. Because something is 'free' means that is is unaccountable, so hinted the 'gray-area bald guy, Mr. Ford.'

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