Thursday, February 14, 2008

Marty's radio show reveals

Marty is talking with Dan Onorato about his recent trip to Europe and the lack of direct flights from Pittsburgh.

My wife and I are going to Amsterdam in May 2008.

But, another real problem for direct flights is the TSA (Transportation Security Administration of Homeland Security) body cavity searches. The way our officials play smashmouth customs practices to our visitors and guests is a HUGE turnoff. Sure, we don't have the market need, nor the other links once people land in Pittsburgh too.

Come to the US via Pittsburgh only if you want to rent a car. And, that isn't so easy for those who are used to driving on the other side of the street. And, it is a major problem with navigation too. But, if you need to rent a car and then drive to West
Virginia -- Pittsburgh is a great flight destination.

In other conversations, we now know that Darlene Harris has cameras on her house. She can roll the tape.

Matt H of the Hoagie blog is blasting the Public Works Dept and the handling of the road cleaning efforts.

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Matt H said...

I just like to see the residents getting their fair share of road clearing. If a Councilperson lives on a hill that shouldn't get cleared until the 2nd or 3rd run then it shouldn't be done as a priority run.

I get frustrated because a lot of the streets here in Elliott are on large hills and the residents don't get their roads cleared quickly. We even live right by the 5th Division garage.