Friday, February 15, 2008

Urban Conservative

Grow the Economy, Not Government

What does it mean to be an "urban conservative"? The Center of the American Experiment recently asked this question of 40 different writers. Matt will chat with four of them--Mitch Pearlstein, Michael Barone, Andrew Cowin, and Roger Magnuson--to find out what they think. Read more (PDF).
When I was a Republican, I called myself a 'free market Republican. I've said to many that we need to have an "urban Republican' tag and understanding too.

I'll have to read the article later. But, there is a different understanding of what it means to live in community in an urban setting.

I don't know if this will catch on or not. Another tag that I liked that never 'stuck' was from Professor James Carmine. He talked of a "New North.' Pittsburgh can be a leading city in the 'new north' just as Atlanta was at the vangard of the "new south.'

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