Friday, February 15, 2008

Kraus on KDKA Radio

Kraus read a list of streets. He said there are dozens of streets that have not had a spec of salt put on them.

First of all, those are NOT the streets of "BRUCE KRAUS." He calls them, "MY STREETS."

Kraus calls this, "political plowing." Kraus was the victor. To the victor go the spoils. Kraus isn't worried about political plowing. He just wants to be the one to call the shots. Kraus wants the spoils.

You don't micro manage and say that Koch should be in an administrative position. There is a problem -- and we need all hands on attack mode. Those that are in the administration need to be putting the shoulder to the wheel. Koch is getting in trouble for doing a job.

The over-reaching is from the one in the legislative role.

Some of the dozen streets that are still not salted are flat. Some of these streets have never been salted.

By the way -- the solution I'm waiting to hear still isn't being talked about: SALT BOXES.

In another blog:
The Burgh Report: Insubordination!: "By the way, MG (Marty Griffin), it's not 'political plowing' until we can establish that Doug Shields' street never gets plowed, or that Bill Peduto's driveway gets the snow plowed into it.

UPDATE: It's treason, then. Um, we mean insubordination.

Marty said you can't get 4 inches of ice off your street. He hung up on Dorothy.

One salt treatment can't take care of 4 inches of ice either. However, a coating of cinders can really help.

The streets need attention throughout the storm.

Another caller debunked the Kraus claim that a woman called via personal friend to Koch.

Live blogging via radio.

Mayor put a plan together.

Rob is Dept. Director for Operations of Public Works. Reports to Guy Costa.

Mike Gable is in charge of administration.

Will be purchasing best snow removal and routing system. He doesn't know what that means. Unscientific poll. Luke says 9 out of 10 says no. Garbage gets 9 out of 10 saying yes.

Put in a scientific model in Envir Services to put into snow removal.

Not wanting to suggest a silver bullet will work. It is clear that we need to do a better job.

Take a look at snow plows on refuse trucks and other trucks.

The sound is poor. They are chasing their tails. If they go off their route there will be repercussions.

Luke wants to commend the city of Pgh employees. They are doing the best that they can. Luke is not satisfied with the equipment and the directions they are given.

Luke is frustrated, upset and angry to lack of attention to the detail.

That has to change: 1,100 calls to 3-1-1.

Winter of next year -- sounds like we'll install a bubble over the city.

Questions, then KDKA goes to hype and commercials.


Anonymous said...

Which streets were on the list?
And is this the first time in years they haven't been salted/plowed, or is this a consistant problem going back even when Murphy and Ricciardi were in office?

Mark Rauterkus said...

I have it on tape, but it isn't worth the effort to repost.

There were streets on the hilltop -- and some were on the flats. I remember 15th.

The list came from folks who called him to complain.

Anonymous said...

Street clearing is a constant problem. There is failure from the top, and that trickles down to the people who make the runs. The failure starts with a failure to actively watch advancing weather.

As for Bruce Kraus, perhaps he should get hands on with the issue before he starts talking or saying anything about the subject.

Tell me, how does a wall paper hanger know ANYTHING about snow removal or for that matter city council?

Its called shut your mouth, and get into the field, and learn, be proactive, participate. ANYONE can react to a situation based upon complaints.

You know, it has been several days since it has snowed, and there are still walks not about addressing that? I saw several elderly residents struggling with this.

Just another reason to leave the South Side.

Mr. Green and Clean (Bruce Kraus), you have a lot to learn.