Friday, February 29, 2008

Councilman wants a vote on controversial billboard

Councilman wants a vote on controversial billboard Also a must to Mr. Kraus is a competitive process by the Pittsburgh Parking Authority to decide who gets the opportunity to put a sign on the Grant Street Transportation Center, a parking garage and Greyhound Lines station to open in summer. Authority officials offered the opportunity only to Lamar Advertising, as part of a deal in which it would take down six other billboards.
Yes, Kraus is right.

The "no bid contract" aspect is what is the worst.

Kraus says that "Now we have other contractors coming in ..." Well, .... good job to the P-G's Rich Lord for that. But, it is the principle of the thing. That is what should be the red flag. I don't care if there are no others singing the blues. Doing the dance with exclusions just stinks.

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