Monday, February 25, 2008

Ravenstahl hires Pokora - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Touch Up / Correction

Trib gets it wrong again.
Ravenstahl hires former Controller Pokora - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Michael Lamb, the former Allegheny County prothonotary, beat Pokora in last year's Democratic Party primary to become city controller.
Tony Pokora lost last year's D Part primary to Mike Lamb. Then Mike Lamb got to advance to the general election. The winner of the general election became controller. Jeremy has it wrong.

It should read, "Lamb beat Pokora, Doug Shields and DaMon Macklin and Mike Dawadia in last year's D Party primary to get the dominant party nomination and then advance to the general election and face a fierce challenge from Mark Rauterkus, Libertarian. Rauterkus, with just $250, earned 6,476 votes and Pokora had 4,591."

I see the hiring of Pokora as a good trend as nearly all of my prior opponents are employed by the city or else are in hiding (i.e., Michael Diven and Wayne Fontana). I feels that the list is growing shorter and shorter with each passing week, given the shrinking size of the city. That Ravenstahl appointment I crave is just around the corner. I'd rather not hold out and be the one pegged to pick up the pieces after the ax swings on Ford's career. Shutting down the URA would be fun, but it isn't my cup of tea. Rather, the open seat on the Ethics Hearing Board looks ideal.

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