Thursday, February 28, 2008

City schools sell old South Vo-Tech High

City schools sell old South Vo-Tech High: "The Pittsburgh Public Schools board has agreed to sell the former South Vo-Tech High School for $1.1 million to Gregory Development."
I am so angry at the schools right now. I'm bitter.

We need a Vo Tech School.

We need to sell lots of OTHER schools in other needy neighborhoods.

South could sit.

Sell the Board of Ed Building in Oakland.

The South Side School, Phillips, is at capacity. It has no gym, no stage, no hope of expansion with pre-K students. A move to a re-habed South from Phillips for a K-8 school would have made great sense.

Selling South was stupid.

Last night, it also approved a resolution authorizing the chief operations officer and the solicitor to "expeditiously move forward with the disposal" of 20 closed buildings, for which the ongoing maintenance costs exceed a total of $1 million.

If a building fails to sell "in their initial attempt," then the two are authorized to find a "responsible entity, within the immediate community of the school," which could receive the building at a nominal cost.

The 20 buildings are Beltzhoover, Boggs, Burgwin, Chatham, Columbus, Connelley, East Hills, Gladstone, Knoxville, Lemington, Letsche, Madison, Mann, Miller, Morningside, Prospect, Rogers (which will be vacant in 2009), Vann, Washington and West Side.

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Anonymous said...

Mark: this was a horrible move. Wonder what is next for the building? My bet is condos. The question is WHY?