Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mcall.com: Q & A with Onorato

Dan doesn't see the need to lead.
Mcall.com: Capitol Ideas with John L. Micek Blog: Are you holding back because you think it's distracting to voters, or does it send a message?: 'I just haven't seen any need to do it at this point in time. Besides, April 22, the voters of Pennsylvania will be able to make their own decision.'
Dan doesn't see the need to follow the law either. In terms of campaign finance reform, the county election department is OUT OF BOUNDS. Local acts were passed that instructed the administration to put the campaign finance reports of candidates onto the internet, years ago. And Onorato didn't see the need. It wasn't done. Following laws is an option for him. He does what he wants. Taking advice and charting a course of leadership is more of a whim.

Onorato bucks certain forces of nature and shoves the drink tax and car rental tax onto the backs of certain populations. That money is to pay for -- so he said -- the operations at PAT (Transit Authority). But, he does NOTHING but advance the boondoggle of the tunnels under the river for a minor expansion of the light rail to serve the North Side stadiums and slots parlor.

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