Saturday, October 01, 2005

Amusement Parks, Octoberfest, Casinos

Some have suggested that the new Pittsburgh Gambling Parlor be put at the Parkway Center Mall -- very near to Green Tree, yet within the borders of the City of Pittsburgh.

Octoberfest in Green Tree is this weekend. While at the Octoberfest, around the booth of the Green Tree Great White Sharks, I'll ask what the locals think of that idea.

The photo is of a defunct amusement park outside of Beijing. We passed this site on the way to The Great Wall. It looks like Disney. But, we'll be going to Hong Kong Disney on Tuesday. I'll take a few snapshots. Disney is getting some bad karma as it said it intends to open another Disney in a few years in mainland China. That won't be near Beijing, but near the other mega city, Shanghai.

The Parkway Center Mall idea for gambling has a few merits as it is already built, near a highway, near some hotels and the mall is hurting presently. But, it isn't as good as putting the new gambling casino within the existing Convention Center.

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