Friday, October 14, 2005

Gene chimes in. Point noted.

MARK, I am a friend of public education! Gene


Perhaps Gene R., City Council President and soon to be district magistrate is a friend of public education. But, I feel that a friend of public education would NOT ask the schools to give up any money for the city's dire straights -- such as with the loss income from taxes on a Second Ave TIFF. TIFFs hurt the kids in public schools right now.

We can leave funding for crossing guards out of the 'public school' discussion, but that would enter into the fray in another chapter.

I also feel that the school board races are able to be pulled and mangled by political forces as you, Jim M and Michael Diven attempted in the not too distant past. It serves as a good example for the rant and with the state of the landscape in Pgh politics. Pulling the political wires -- of itself -- isn't so bad. No harm there. But, when there isn't suitable understanding of the candidates running for school board offices -- and then we have some serious problems. So, I rail against the lack of balance.

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