Thursday, October 20, 2005

Italian senate opposes Turin doping proposal

This story is another interesting time when sports, government and media are mixing. The 2006 Winter Olympics are in Italy and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) wants the locals to relax their laws. - Olympics - Italian senate opposes Turin doping proposal - Wednesday October 19, 2005 1:53PM

Under International Olympic Committee rules, athletes face disqualification from the Olympics for any doping offense but no legal penalties.

Mario Pescante, an IOC member and government supervisor of the games, is trying to get the Italian Parliament to adjust the law for the period of the games to comply with the host city contract signed seven years ago.

'Penal sanctions are OK for those that peddle (drugs),' Pescante said. 'For athletes, sporting sanctions are much more severe.'

Fiorello Cortiana, a senator representing the Greens Party, voiced the sharpest opposition.

'Every state determines its own penal code,' Cortiana said. 'To the contrary I believe it's the IOC that must adapt to the states where its games are held.
'We understand that as an IOC member, this could be an embarrassment for Pescante. But Pescante is also a member of the Italian government and you can't be in the Italian government if you don't support its laws.'

Will there be any Penguins on the US Olympic Team? What about the teams of other nations?

At least local hockey fans might be able to cheer for a "home team" that wins a game or two, given the recent rash of losses from the NHL team. You know, the beggers for slots.

Speaking of hockey, at last night's Libertarian Board Meeting, as a 'door prize' of sorts, there was a give-a-way of two Pens tickets to tonights game. Nice perk for being engaged and showing up for a political meeting.

Meanwhile, back in Italy, I think it is nuts to say that the Italian Police are going to be 'stormtroopers' and raid the Olympic Village looking for roids.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Are there dogs that are trained to sniff out HGH (human growth hormone) and (steroids) as there are that can find weed?