Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thoughts from the other side of the world

Ouch: New York City is raising threat alert level for subway system, CNN has learned. AP reports a "credible security threat" as reason.

Lugging Grant after a long day in Hong Kong.

Last night I carried Grant through the subway in Hong Kong and then to the pier, ferry and bus home. Trains, boats, buses and a lot of walking, of course, is filling our travel needs these days. We are living in a community that is car-free! They do have golf carts however.

Catherine's side-line gig this weekend is a presentation to 250 at a conference with many doctors and nurses. She is the keynote.

The grad students are pulling their weight. They had to get the probe microphone system out of the box and running yesterday on a couple hours notice for the class. Not much time for shopping, but we rushed through an outdoor market last night while I was lugging Grant. Some 'trip.'

We visited the swim pool at the Disney Resort Hotel yesterday, before our big tour of Widex and the banquet feast. We had six main courses, including the shark fin soup. They first course was ordered with the request to leave the pig's head off of the serving plate. So nice.

From State Rep: D. Metcalfe: As you are probably aware I am an advocate of the complete elimination of the property tax system. Humm. I'm worried about that statement in that he is also in favor of changes to the eminent domain laws too. I think the policy of changes to eminent domain (YES) and the complete elimination of property taxes (NO) is a toxic combination that is much worse than playing with fire. The two don't go together for the long haul. Rep Metcalfe did give me some props for the 'approach' the the testimony I made a the state committee hearing. Well, we've got some more thinking to do on this.

Did you know that in China, (mainland), you can't buy property. When it is sold, the maximum length of its sale is for 99 years. When property is sold for 99 years -- there is little need for eminent domain, I guess. The combination is something to ponder.

Last Sunday, I saw the article in the Trib that quoted James C. Roddey about Joe Weinroth's chances as a Republican in the city. Roddey's opinion, from Oakmont, matters on city politics as much as his help to the city Republican efforts -- LITTLE. Roddey could NOT win the city in general elections. And Roddey could not count on building the GOP base in the city -- because he didn't try nor care. Roddey had some weaknesses. Same too with Weinroth, no doubt. However, Roddey's failures in certain elements don't need to be universal.

And, for Tom L, it was GREAT for me to read the names of the other candidates within the story. That's all I seek -- mentions. That is all that is earned, so far, perhaps. Fine. But, the journalist in me wants to see the mentions of the others. Make those mentions of the others as there is a duty to be "complete" in the overview of the coverage.

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Thomas Leturgey said...

I just saw this one. Yes, it’s good to see the other names, but don’t think for a minute that those names MEAN anything. We’re talking about ego trips for these folks and nothing else. Someone would run an initiative, ideas, anything that these “candidates” would have, but let’s be fair. It’s easy to get your name on a ballot and do nothing. The Green, Socialist and Independent in this race are posers, nothing more.