Friday, October 07, 2005

Volleyball and the Mon Valley Facilities

We joined the local health club for the month membership, $560 HK Dollars. And, it is nice. But don't be shocked by the price tag. A can of Coke can cost $7 to $10 here, in Hong Kong Dollars, not US$.

Now I'm at the 'reading room' and it is nice. However, none under 18 are allowed. Sad for AJ and the kids. But they'll join me shortly.

Pittsburgh Elite Volleyball announces an affiliation with Court Time Sports Center for the 2006 season and beyond. The 2006 season tryouts are November 6 (Baldwin HS), and November 13, 15 (Court Time Sports Center).

For more information please call 412.215.6738.

Scott Butler, Court Time Sports Center, Executive Director
95 Enterprise Drive, Elizabeth, PA 15037
412.754.2005 = office

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