Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Voters guide effort just starting

Progress Pittsburgh Challenge

Q: Where can you find profiles of every candidate on the November ballot in the City of Pittsburgh?

A: Nowhere... yet!

We are calling on the entire progressive community of Pittsburgh -- all individuals and organizations who want to see better government in our region -- to pitch in and contribute to a community/volunteer driven effort to profile all of the candidates on the November ballot. Time is tight! With your help, we hope to have the basics in place by October 11. More information can be added between then and November 8, but we'd like to publish a printed guide, and for that we have a very tight deadline: October 18.

How to help:
1) View the existing voter guide in the Progress Pittsburgh Knowledge Base here: -- and note that while we have pages for almost all the candidates, we're still missing a lot of information. If you see blanks, fill them in!

2) Post your interesting / relevant information on any of the candidates by editing their page. Instructions are here:

This is a community effort, so let's get together as progressives and share our knowledge.

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