Saturday, October 08, 2005

Witch Hunt or some good, clean, new fashioned fun to sweep PA?

More and more, the people of Hong Kong celebrate Halloween. I don't expect we'll see many in this type of constume however.

We want to keep the pay-raise issue alive in the minds of the average citizen---not just the ones who signed their names on a petition. So, we plan on having a little bit of fun by participating in as many Halloween events and fall festivals as we possibly can. When is YOUR town's parade or festival?

Our first event is the Mechanicsburg Halloween Parade, THIS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11th, and we NEED YOUR HELP. We are depending on local, Mechanicsburg-area people to lend a hand by walking with us in the parade.

We want YOU to have fun, while, at the same time, delivering the message that VOTERS ARE NOT SHEEP...not anymore, anyway!

Without letting the "cat out of the bag", so to speak, we want ALL of you to BRING A BROOM with you, and come walk in the parade as we SWEEP the scoundrels out of our lives. We have borrowed a few masks/costumes for the lead characters, if you are willing to wear one. But we also need people in regular casual clothes, too. Just BRING A BROOM, if you can.

If you can dress in either white, black, or red (our official colors), that would be great....but that's not required. If you have your own animal masks (pigs, cows, sheep, especially), wear them!

If you have extra brooms you don't need, we will accept donations of those (but we need you to fill out a form, sorry, because we are a political action committee that has to follow certain laws).

So, when and were are the Pittsburgh-based halloween events? I'll go. I'll bring a broom or two.

On the South Side, we used to host a halloween parade. But, then the event was killed by city hall due to budget cuts. The Market House folks (staffers too) helped to organize the event.

Then the cost of police overtime blew the event out of the water.

One year, the event was to be killed. I had been asking a lot about its organization in August. Yep, no more parade was the word from Grant Street. I replied through the chain of command, "Great. I'll sponsor the parade." Tell the Mayor that I'll sponsor the parade. I want to meet with him and the director of Parks to hash out the budget and we'll raise the money as a community effort that I'll organize. It was August, so we had plenty of lead time. A week later, the parade was re-scheduled as a formal city event. The next year, I was working no the Great Race Replacement.

But, there are other events in the city and area.
Clean sweep advocates need all the various tools at the ready -- from mops, to brushes, to brooms. Posted by Picasa

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